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Spaceship (Rocket) Docks at The International Station

Soyuz rocket, a Russian made rocket which was created by a 3-men crew yesterday was reported to have docked at the international space station. This according to the Russian was a success after the October launch which was published to be a fail launch.

From reports from the station in Russia, the Soyuz rocket was released from Kazakhstan on it carrying David Saint- Jacques from Canada and Oleg Kononenko from Russia and Anne McClain from the US. According to reports, this mission to space is set for six and a half months whereby the three individual will stay and explore the area.

In accordance to this, Sisi, Egypt’s president has been reported to have opened for the first time an arms show at Cairo stadium during the opening; the French defense minister also was invited to witness this opens. This was possible since of late Egypt has made several times on defense sector with French. Among this ties and deals includes weapons.

However, in the year 2014, Sisi, Egypt’s president denied the European countries from getting hands on the weapons which according to him could suppress their opponents. Considering the technology advancement and programs which the European countries luck, then the only option left was trying to make deals with Egypt on the weapons which were then turned down by Egypt.

However, from reports, the spaceship is expected to carry on several experiments and tests on the outer space station. This tests and experiments after the six and half month travel, the three individuals are expected to come with evidence and explanations which were theoretical written down.

In addition to this, the Soyuz rocket according to Russia was the successful spaceship to land on the outer space station with no issues. Considering the last launch. Russia did not expect a promising start as for the previous launches; the mission was a fail.

Following the mission outcome, the spaceship is expected to explore the outer space for some data which needs verification.