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Prince William Praised by Mum-Tragic Teen Whose Life He Tried to Save

Sarah le, the mother who lost her teenage son after he drowned while swimming with his friends is still grieving over the loss of her teenage son Robbie. However, the devastated mother who is coping with pain that is unimaginable has found comfort in Prince William.

The royal prince was part of the air ambulance team that had tried to save the teenager who was 16 years old by the name of Robbie when he accidentally drowned while swimming with some of his friends. The mother of the teenager did not find out only until the following day concerning prince Williams involvement when a friend told her that a prince had tried to save her teenage son.

Sarah who is 33 years old and still grieving praised the prince who was also a helicopter pilot before he resigned. She praised the prince for speaking about his very own struggles that he had encounters with seeing young people die in the course of his work as a helicopter pilot. Prince William hoped that this would raise awareness concerning the mental trauma of grieving for a child that has passed on.

According to recent reports, in her statement, Sarah said that she couldn’t thank the prince enough for trying to save her son on that terrible day as well as for speaking out on the mental health issues that are related to grievances. She said that this character trait showed that the prince who is apparent to her is human and has some humanity in it was a brave thing to do.

In addition to this, the mother claims that her seven-year-old son, Mason, as well as her, have had little when it comes to psychological help since the death of her son, Robbie in May in the previous year. She claims to have been let down by the system requesting that there has been very little support. However, despite claiming that she has been let down by the system Sarah says that the prince has not let her down.