Ninja Gets $1 Million From EA- Streaming Apex Legends

It is no secret that EA paid top streamers to advertise (and to some extent, affect) Apex Legends, however, how a lot did these streamers make? In a single case, it might need to be been quite a bit. A Reuter’s supply claimed that EA paid Ninja (aka Tyler Blevins) a cool $1 million to play the sport on February 5th. He won’t have been obligated to play for lengthy, both. An EA spokesperson advised Kotaku that any streamed gameplay after “noon” on February 5th was “utterly natural” — that’s, they needed to maintain taking part in.

That is a big quantity even for Ninja. He acknowledged to CNN in December that he was making $500,000 monthly (extra “on a very good month”), however, that is break up between Twitch, YouTube and sponsorships. This was twice as a lot for a single Twitch stream.

It isn’t sure how a lot of different streamers had been paid, though the preliminary wave included distinguished broadcasters like Shroud (Michael Grzesiek) and Fable (Ali Kabbani). Respawn’s Drew McCoy hasn’t been shy in regards to the aim. He instructed Reuters in an interview that the crew needed a “day the place you could not escape Apex in the event you cared about video games.” It is a traditional media blitz, simply on dwell streaming companies as a substitute for TV.

Nonetheless, the quantity exhibits simply how essential dwell sports streaming has developed into, not less than within the battle royale style. Slightly than go for typical media campaigns, corporations are more and more keen to spend thousands making certain their video games dominate Twitch and related companies. That does increase issues about streamers disclosing their payments (it is not at all times apparent), but it surely will not be stunning if this advertising and marketing tactic turns into extra commonplace given how successful Apex has been.

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