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Mass Lung Cancer Trial to Be Carried Out in London by The UK

The UK has announced recently that at the beginning of next year, the country will be conducting a large lung cancer trial. In accordance’s to the reports from the health personnel concerned with this trials, the lung cancer screening trial will involve over 50,000 people.

For the first time, this will be the biggest screening trial to be carried out by the UK as far as lung cancer is concerned. According to reports from the UK, this trial procedure on the 50,000 individuals is purposely designed to reveal any early symptoms or rather diagnosis program which could be affordable and more so achievable by NHS.

Recently in England, individuals are being offered with cancer screening for cervical, breast, and bowel but no other screaming like lung cancer is being done. This is odd considering that lung cancer as far as Britain is concerned, this is the killer cancer which has primarily affected the country.

A study was done by university college in London hospitals NH trust foundation and the UCLH together with UCL has merged all the healthcare organizations across east and north of London. They are trying their best to improve or sooner coming up with a new way of the cancer diagnosis, patient caring and more so possible outcomes on how to handle and take care of the disease.

Sam Jane, who is a professor in the field of respiratory medicine together with the chief investigator in this ongoing study said in a statement that this will be a considerable screening activity ever carried out in Europe. She also added that this was part of determining whether or not Europe could manage to deliver the CT screening to a larger group.

More so, this screening will also determine how the NHS would work and operate in future as far as cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment is concerned. However, she said that until now there has never being a national screening for lung cancer, but currently, there are working on ways of demonstrating how this screening can be done.

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